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2018 Social Campaigns

In 2018 MOTION ARTS Ltd. participated in over 20 social campaigns and such in support of the Bulgarian culture by providing media support, including billboard positions on the national road network and in urban areas, advertising space in the Sofia metro, and advertising positions on the territory of Billa and Kaufland commercial chains. Some of the campaigns supported by MOTION ARTS Ltd. are:

National campaign to improve road traffic safety in the country of the Transport Indoor and Outdoor Advertising Association /TIOAA/ and the Bulgarian Association of Victims in Car Accidents /BAVCA/ which is part of the global initiative aimed at reducing the number of road accidents, being carried out under the auspices of the United Nations Youth Organization for Road Safety, the World Health Organization and the Road Safety Organization.

Campaign "Alcohol is a bad driver - 2018", organized for the 11th consecutive year by "Kamenitza" AD in partnership with the Ministry of Interior, the Bulgarian Red Cross and the Kingdom of Belgium, dedicated to drinking and driving, which continues being one of the most common reasons of road accidents.

AVON’s campaign against breast cancer.

The largest volunteer initiative in the country - "Let’s clean Bulgaria together" of bTV Media Group carried out with the support of the Ministry of Environment and Water having the long-term objective to change minds and attitudes of people towards places where they live and the way they treat their waste.

National campaign "To Be a Father" - part of the international campaign MenCare with the Association "Parents" as a main coordinator in Bulgaria aimed at focusing the father's attention on the importance of the father’s role for the complete development of children. Campaigns in support of productions of the Ivan Vazov National Theater and performances of the Sofia Philharmonic.

“2018 Night of the Theatres” Initiative etc.