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Corporate Values

Who are we?

We provide advertising that contributes to the business development of our clients.

What do we do best?

METROREKLAMA provides its clients with various opportunities for outdoor advertising.

What makes us different?

Our customers receive full scale services in terms of their advertising needs:

  • We offer not only advertising space. We provide such a planning of the advertising campaigns that covers the widest range of the client’s target audiences.
  • We work closely with BILLBOARD AD and DEDRAX AD – printing houses for wide-format, digital and offset printing. Thus, we offer our clients the highest possibl  quality of printing on various materials - paper, PVC, foils, vinyl nets, comatex and others at the most competitive prices.
  • We believe that active business contacts and sales are the driving force of our company. Therefore, our sales activity is based on high professionalism with attention to the client’s needs and protection of the company's interests.
  • Installation is the final stage of the advertising campaign’s completion that Metroreklama offers its clients through its own professional team.


Who do we want to be?

We are and will continue being a leading company in the field of outdoor advertising that sets high standards of work and enjoys impeccable reputation in business.

What do we believe in?

We follow basic principles in our work:

• We provide the best service for the clients, tailored to their needs, in the best value for money proportion.

• We observe high ethical standards in our business behavior and maintain honest business relations.

• We strive to become better every day.

• We respect the colleagues in the team.

• We have a conscious commitment to society.


Why is this important?

We require each member of METROREKLAMA’S team to know our values well, to comply with them when making decisions and taking actions. These values pull us together, make us different from the others and create our identity.