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About us

The successful brand is a symbol of the clients’ TRUST. It is a long-term investment and the connecting element between us and our clients! We know it takes years to build trust but it can get lost very easily!

MOTION ARTS Ltd. has been on the outdoor advertising market for more than 20 years. We build trust on the basis of three things: consistency, responsiveness and honesty!

We are not only a service provider but also a partner. We think about our customers, we value their business. We insight the problems and offer prompt and adequate solutions. We promise no more than what we can provide. We keep our promises on time with quality and we do not hesitate to add something more from us. We value not only sales but also our relations with the client therefor we invest in a TEAM of professionals. We believe that our brand reflects the clients’ feelings for our company. The trust of our clients is the basis of our success. It is the STRONG POSITION for us!