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The first known billboard dates back to 3000 years ago! An obelisk was placed in Egypt advertising a reward for the return of a runaway slave.

Billboards are one of the oldest forms of advertising but what looks "old-fashioned" never goes out of use and continues having a remarkable effect on our senses.

In addition to the various advertising opportunities, the team of professionals of our company has built and maintains a network of its own advertising facilities on key locations in the country's major cities - Burgas, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Pleven, Blagoevgrad, Ruse, Kyustendil and others. The locations are selected on busy roads with high traffic. You can recognize our facilities by their attractive appearance and perfect maintenance.

We will offer you:

  • BILLBOARDS PISA TYPE – lighted with dimensions: 4 x 3 m.

The Billboard is preferably used for communication in almost any effective media planning. This is the most common time-tested format for outdoor advertising in urban areas. For a successful campaign, we will recommend you a sufficient number of locations that can be rotated during the advertising period as well as a location tailored to the advertised product.

  • CITY LIGHT BOXES with dimensions: 1,20 х 1,80 m.

City light boxes are well acknowledged format and their traditional use in cities make them preferable due to the immediate impact they provoke. They are located in the central parts and pedestrian areas of the big cities which guarantees enough time for viewing the creative and the opportunity for text messages, price promotions, services and announcements. The advantage is that they are lighted and the vision is active 24 hours a day.

Consider why outdoor advertising can be a smart move for your business and trust OUR EXPERIENCE.

Personal story

“My development in the company started from the very first step, as written in the textbooks - I was still a student and wanted to find my "place under the sun". I submitted my internship papers to Metroreklama when I was in the fourth grade of University. I decided that I wanted to self-educate myself and make an effort not to end up with a single document while having no practical experience. My personal self-initiative was well appreciated. They approved my application and I started a student internship in the Business Development department. That was a challenge! The activities I was dealing with were quite diverse - creative, administrative… so I managed to get a sense of the overall look of the company.

When I finished with my internship there was a free sales specialist position - I started to grow more actively in the company, I was supporting the sales manager and after almost three years I was promoted to the position of a sales manager as well. Work in the department and in the company as a whole is dynamic and fast changing, you must respond to the expectations of customers, suppliers and contractors, quickly adapt and quickly adopt changes, both in the external and internal environment. Requirements and expectations are strong and demanding but there is no better reward than satisfied customers - the opportunity to meet new and different people gives us great experience and a new vision of life. Development in the company is a continuous self-improvement and hard work on the personal qualities of each one of us. For the last four years, one of the golden rules I've learned is that one has to go out of his comfort zone to jump over his abilities. And of course, personal beliefs and visions suggest me that the best is yet to come. "


Elena Vasileva

Sales Manager