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National Road Network

"A man is a man when being on the road!"
                                                (Penyo Penev)                   

We travel for work, we travel for pleasure, and sometimes we travel just for the travel itself. You see billboards on the roads every day, but do you know anything about them?

As far back as 1925, in America, the Odell family tried to sell Burma Shave shaving cream but using traditional advertising media did not bring much success to their business. They were forced to look for an unconventional option. After long negotiations, the young Alan Odell received permission from his father to realize his idea, which at that time seemed somewhat crazy, but the only way to see if the idea would work was to make it happen. The advertisement consisted of several consecutive signs placed on the highway in the Midwest. A small number of words were written on a red background on each sign so that they could be read by a car.

Nowadays, 75% of the travelers have noticed a billboard in the last 6 months and one third of them share they have chosen a company or bought a product after seeing their billboard advertisement.

This type of outdoor advertising was designed to demonstrate and attract the client’s attention, so that the image of the desired product is formed in the head of the buyer. This is a channel for providing low selectivity advertising information, affecting different types of mass audience.

MOTION ARTS values the effectiveness of outdoor advertising located on the national road network. We have built a lot of advertising facilities - billboards and megaboards located on key positions. We have been maintaining all of the facilities in perfect condition.

We can offer you the following advertising possibilities:


With size - 8 x 4 m. Approved as a popular standard for advertising mainly on the highways "Hemus", "Trakia", "Struma" and "Maritsa".


Acknowledged as a universal format for outdoor advertising, measuring 4 x 3 m the billboard Pisa type enables fast assembly and rotation of the selected positions as well as attractive locations on the road network throughout the country.

Sharing EXPERIENCE, we will tell you that most users do not have more than a few seconds for eye contact to read the text and see the image. Studies show that when using a static image, the visualization of an advertising message should be short and tempting, comprising one illustration and no more than seven words. Thus it often "catches the eye", draws attention, it is easily perceived on the go and clear to the mass audience.

Choose the SUITABLE POSITIONS from OUR MAP with FACILITIES located on the national road network and you will be more than NOTICABLE!