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To choose advertising in the Metro? Should you? Judge for yourself:

  • You have the possibility to address messages at each stage of the trip in the metro. The facilities are located at the entrances, on the platforms, behind the rails and inside the trains. Advertising follows people on the go and keeps constant interest.
  • There is no contact with external environment and other distracting factors thus provoking some sort of "information shortage" - passengers subconsciously search for information and have positive attitude towards creatives.
  • The right messages can be addressed to a particular target audience. With the regular surveys of METROREKLAMA on the age, social and cultural profile of the passengers, the time ranges when they use the metro, we give you the opportunity to evaluate and address advertising messages according to the characteristics and specifics of each target group.
  • When using the metro, passengers avoid heavy ground traffic and feel comfortable and open to perceptions.

Since 2001 METROKEKLAMA  has been managing the printed advertising areas which are the main part of the communication channels on the territory of the Sofia metro. It serves more than 11 000 000 passengers whose number constantly grows. Twenty-two years after commissioning the first section between Slivnitsa and Konstantin Velichkov stations, the Sofia Underground has a 54 km railway in two metro diameters. The two railway lines have 48 stations. After completion of the third metro diameter the share of the metro in the public transport system is expected to reach 60 % and be used by almost half a million people a day. Due to the increased population in the city, large passenger flows are formed every day, reaching 15 to 30 thousand passengers per hour in one direction.

Except for being a large and complex transport facility, Sofia Metro is the largest ecological project in Sofia that significantly changes people’s lifestyle and the urban environment quality, thus being in the top 10 of the best infrastructure projects in Europe.

With the opportunities we have and offer you can plan a continuing impact of your advertising message that will be present at each stage of the trip.

Start with METRO BOXES - vertical and horizontal light boxes measuring 1.20 x 1.80 meters and located in the following metro areas:

Subways to the metro stations - one-side boxes that welcome passengers and prepare their attention for the next impact areas.

Areas around the tills - suitable for advertising with continuation and branding of entire walls. Individual planning is also recommended.

Stairways and escalators - the key location and close contact with the audience help the creative to be perceived as well as possible.

On the platform - double-sided light boxes attracting the eye and making the stay more pleasant and one-sided boxes in a row on the walls of the platform - suitable for positioning an advertising vision with development, as well as for individual planning.


Continue with METROBOARDS - advertising facilities located on the platform behind the rails. Similar to the impact of billboards in the urban but also featuring two important advantages: visual contact of the audience with the advertising holder is close and continuous. While waiting for the train, passengers see the advertisement head-on (viewing time 7-15 minutes) which is suitable for visual and text messages. Metroboards have dimensions 3 x 2 meters.

Enhance the effect with METRO PANELS. They are located in the upper part of the metro trains thus providing good visibility for both standing and seated passengers. Extremely suitable for detailed text messages, complex product features, promotions, leasing schemes etc. The information from the advertising vision attracts full attention during the trip.

Horizontal and vertical panels are located in the trains. Advertising is constantly in front of the passengers’ eyes and the absence of external visual environment attracts their full attention while travelling. They are suitable for detailed text description - product features, promotions, leasing schemes etc.

Metro panels can be horizontal with dimensions: 60 cm (width) x 40 cm (height) and

vertical with dimensions: 50 cm (width) x 70 cm (height).

Имате „пленена” аудитория, остава да я заплените и с точното послание на точното място!

You have a "captured" audience. You just need to fascinate it with the right message in the right place!


„Lyulin residential complex - Center – Mladost residential complex - Druzhba residential complex - Airport " - 32 km long with 26 stations.


„Lozenets residential complex - Center - Nadezhda residential complex - Obelya residential complex "- 22 km long with 22 stations.

THIRD METRODIAMETER (LINE 3) - under construction

„Ovcha Kupel residential complex - Center - V. Levski residential complex" – expected to be 21 km long with 21 metro stations.


Personal story:

“May 14, 2013. I find myself at Serdika Metro station, it’s only 07.30 am and the underground is full. There is some delay, the train is late and today is my first working day in Metroreklama. Actually, today is the first day I use the underground (I missed to share this on the interview). I wonder what I'm getting into. I’m looking for signboards and people are getting more and more. I lost myself on the endless platform....

February 1, 2018. Almost 5 years later I am in the underground again, but I am no longer lost! As a ”Metro” Project manager I find the best locations for  positioning the advertisements and together with our clients we find the right solutions for their advertising presence. We move ahead together through every stage: from the planning to the completion of their advertising ideas. I help them get on the right track so that we can get to a successful campaign with effective results for them! "

Iliana Muteva

/Sales Manager/