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We use the word "BRANDING" very often and although we have begun to perceive it as a purely marketing term through which consumers associate certain qualities with a particular company, where does it actually come from?

Brand / brond is an Old French word meaning "fire, flame, torch" which comes from the Proto-Germanic word brandaz, meaning "burning". The original meaning of branding (around 1440) was actually the act of using hot iron for marking. In terms of cattle or barrels the sign used to mark property, and in terms of criminals, marking was used as punishment and disgrace to man. What a development! Now every marketing expert will tell you that branding is primarily used for recognition and identity. This particular identification of a company or a product with a specific symbol, logo, name or phrase is part of the existent word - branding.

We, at MOTION ARTS will say that branding is also unique, just like transport advertising is unique - advertising while moving or advertising that moves. We can offer you the best way, with wide coverage and popularity - branding of vehicles.

What you gain with transport advertising:

  • Mobility of your creative - unlike traditional outdoor advertising, transport advertising makes the creative mobile and it reaches an even larger number of users.
  • Large advertising space - in transport advertising the advertising space is equal to between 4 and 6 stationary billboards which is about four times larger advertising exposure for the client.
  • Customized solutions - transport advertising is appropriate for unconventional and individual presentation of any of your companies that wants to be different and noticeable.

In Sofia as well as in the major cities such as Varna, Bourgas, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Rousse, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Blagoevgrad we offer different creative types of transport branding, tailored both to your preferences and design solutions and to the specific features of the vehicles.

We offer a complete, complex service - design, printing, assembly and dismantling that makes it possible for the advertisement to be placed on any type of transport vehicle. Our company works only with high quality materials enabling the lifetime of this kind of advertising to be increased and significant costs to be saved.

Take advantage of:



This type of branding allows you to creatively use the entire surface of the vehicle, including 20 % of the windows’ area. Overall branding undoubtedly catches the eye, guarantees uniqueness and attractive presentation of your brand and its high recognition.





Branding is located between the tires of the vehicle, at the entire height, including the windows of the of the non-doors side. The creative is noticeable and provides an excellent opportunity to capture attention on the move.




This type of branding uses the back side of the buses and allows for effective positioning of the advertising vision which is especially noticeable in heavy city traffic.



Door branding makes it possible to show the product or the vision to both the participants in the traffic and the traffic flow related to the use of the vehicle. Continuing the vision with internal advertising provides integrity of the advertising message. It is made of perfo foil, which does not obstruct the visibility of passengers.




We offer the possibility for hangers and stickers in the buses to be used. The proximity of passengers with indoor transport advertising could be a natural extension of outdoor branding. Creatives are being developed and products or services – better revealed further enhancing the users’ perception of the advertisement.



We do branding, in irregular shapes and with different materials, of up to 30 % of the total vehicle area while achieving integrity and completeness of the advertisement. A branded vehicle enables promotion and recognition of your brand as well as developing interactive advertising messages.


WE will complete your media plan with a vehicle BRANDING!