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Cine Grand

Everyone loves going to the cinema, feeling comfortable while watching and experiencing 100 % of the emotions from the movie. In Bulgaria, this can happen to you in the cinemas of CINÉ GRAND - a global film company founded in 2010 by specialists in the entertainment industry with more than 60 years of experience in the implementation, development and management of multiplexes. On a global level it is associated with the brands: "Cine Grand", "Cine Globe", "Grand Cinemas" and "My Cinemas".

In Bulgaria, CINÉ GRAND cinemas are based in two of the most visited and modern shopping centers on the territory of Sofia City - Sine Grand Park Center (CCS) with 6 halls and 1301 seats, and Sine Grand Ring Mall (SRM) with10 halls and 615 VIP seats. All halls are equipped with luxury armchairs that can be stretched to a horizontal position and give the feeling of privacy and convenience. The cozy small restaurants within the cinema as well as the provided food and beverage service to the place of the guests in the halls ensure full comfort of viewing and quality experience. This makes them desired and visited by a large number of customers.

Since 2015, MOTION ARTS Ltd. has an exclusive agreement with CINE GRAND for management of all advertising activities on the territory of the two multiplexes.

We are happy to offer you these different advertising opportunities:


  • advertising spot - 30 sec. / 60 sec.
  • video walls
  • LFD plasma


  • ticket branding
  • distribution of flyers
  • product positioning, sampling
  • floor stickers
  • dressing up seats
  • branded seat stickers
  • box office - branding
  • customized solutions

What advantages will the cinema advertising give you:

  • Concentrated audience - advertising spots are projected immediately before the beginning of the movie screening which implies high concentration of the viewers’ attention. Researches show that only 3 % of the viewers enter the hall after the ads.
  • Product advantage - compared to other media, cinema advertising is a communication channel that produces extremely strong impact. The high quality of sound and the large screens provide a complex platform for bold ideas to be carried out with the viewer, whose attention is entirely focused on the screen, being the main actor.
  • Possibility to choose a target audience - different types of movies have specific viewing audience which allows the most effective addressing of creatives to the target audience.

Use the possibility to BE DIFFERENT and INTERESTING in your advertising presentation!

WE WILL do it for YOU!