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Corporate Responsibility

METROREKLAMA is a socially responsible company and the first non-public company in Bulgaria that officially joined the National Corporate Governance Code on 19.01.2017 thus explicitly taking the engagement to apply the highest standards in the field of corporate governance as well as the principles and recommendations of the Code.  The management of the company believes that all initiatives in the field of corporate social responsibility would contribute significantly to the sustainable development of the advertising sector based on the principles of transparency, accountability and clear responsibility and would have an increasingly significant contribution to the Bulgarian economy.

The corporate board of the company relies on the new technologies and thanks to the integrated ERP system, for 10 years now the management of the company has been implemented in a consistent and transparent manner.

METROREKLAMA has participated in numerous social campaigns over the years by providing media support including advertising space in the Sofia Metro, billboard positions in the urban area and on the national road network as well as advertising positions in the commercial chains Billa and Kaufland.

In addition to the corporate and business values, the company’s formula for success is based on its proverbial persistence and consistency, creativity and propriety as well.