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Technical capabilities

You may have created and planned a perfect advertising campaign, selected the best presentation positions but everything may be spoiled with the poor quality of the montage or unmaintained and bad-looking facilities. You've seen it, haven't you?

We know that a perfectly executed montage may not be noticed but a poorly made one will certainly spoil the overall impression, even from good advertising campaigns!

With this thought and responsibility to you - our clients, we have built a system of our own montage teams covering the whole country. We have regional bases in Plovdiv, Pleven, Stara Zagora and a central department based in Sofia. Their main task is to run your advertising campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Thus, we created the largest TECHNICAL DEPARTMENT in the industry, growing in line with the expansion of our network of advertising facilities and the need for their construction and maintenance. Every two weeks all of the advertising positions are being inspected, the vinyl banners are replaced, the technical serviceability of the lighting and fastening elements - checked, as well as the general aesthetic appearance of the advertising constructions. Due to increased demand we have been continuously expanding our operations and the responsibilities of the technical department grow respectively. Trusting the experience and professionalism of our teams, you can implement your company brand of your vehicles.

We can implement the INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS you want.

In the case of constructions with non-standard sizes and locations (glass facades, dead walls, fences, scaffolding, etc.), the dimensions must be taken correctly to comply with the design, manufacture and method of installation of the billboard, facility etc. Our specialists will do this for you to ensure the good final result.


We will make your facilities in our PRODUCTION BASE.

Building our own production base for manufacturing, construction and maintenance of metal constructions facilitates the offering of various types of fasilities, both for outdoor advertising and for the implementation of non-standard solutions desired by our clients. We offer montage with new and modern equipment – our own freight transport with up to 10 tons of load capacity, auto crane with 17 m boom length and cargo van up to 3.5 tons of load capacity.