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Договор № BG05M9OP001-1.003-1329-C01 по проект “Осигуряване на нови работни места в „Моушън Артс“ ООД” по Оперативна програма “Развитие на човешките ресурси” 2014-2020 г., съфинансиран от ЕВРОПЕЙСКИ СОЦИАЛЕН ФОНД.


City zone and roads

TIFF, EPS, PDF, CDR, colours in CMYK, the texts in raster.
Scale 1:1 – picture at least 30 dpi – recommended 60-70 dpi
Scale 1:10 – at least 300 dpi, recommended 600 dpi
Offset around the text 10 cm from all sides

Printing area:

  • billboards - 393 cm /wide/ x 303 cm /high/
  • megaboards - 793cm /wide/ x 393 cm /high/

In relation to the urban zone – on request

Note: Do not increase the resolution of the images artificially!

Technical requirement for ready printing materials

City zone and roads

Printing material: Vinyl frontlit - 450 g

Size after cutting:

  • billboards - 393cm /wide/ x 303 cm /high/ with 7 cm pockets
  • megaboards - 793cm /wide/ x 393 cm /high/ with 8 cm pockets

Note: The materials have to be cropped according to the sizes provided and packed!

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